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can mobile phones get viruses?

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Yes, mobile phones can certainly get viruses or malware, yet “virus” is a term that is often attributed to malicious software that may infect devices. Malware includes a range of software like viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, and more. These programs may compromise the security and privacy of mobile phones

prevent viruses to mobile phone

prevent viruses to mobile phone

Mobile phones, especially smartphones with operating systems like Android and ios are prone to get malware due to multiple reasons

App Stores:- there is an established process to check apps in these app stores however there is always a chance to slip through the review process

Third-Party App Stores – Some users may install apps from third-party app stores or install APKs from the internet. There is always a chance that these apps may be infected with malware. Sticking to official app stores like Google Play Store and Apple Appstore to prevent these malware.

Phishing and social Engineering:- Criminals often use phishing attacks to trick most users into installing malicious apps or links that may lead to infected websites.

Outdated Software – There are known and unknown vulnerabilities that are fixed by releasing newer versions, however sometimes users don’t update their devices to the latest version and become prone to attacks

Users should regularly update Operating system and apps to ensure that we have latest security patches

Bluetooth and NFC Vulnerabilities – Some malware can spread using Bluetooth or NFC( Near Field Communication) Connections if the devices have known or unknown vulnerabilities, they can be exploited

prevent malware

prevent malware

Rooting and Jailbreaking: Sometimes users jailbreak their devices to use them without restrictions from their vendor. In this process, they get administrative access to these devices however it also weakens the security of these devices and makes it susceptible to attacks

Users should avoid rooting or jailbreaking a device as this has a negative impact on device security.

Users should be cautious when they receive links in messages or emails. Avoid clicking on links received from untrusted sources

Mobile phone users should also review app permissions if an app requests for excessive permissions.

There are inbuilt security features in mobile phones like app verification and device wiping in case devices get stolen. It should be enabled by default.

By considering above mentioned points while using your mobilephone you may considerably reduce your chances of getting infected by malware or viruses.

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