Computer Laptop is dead, It is not turning on – How to fix it

Laptop is dead, It is not turning on – How to fix it

Laptop is dead, It is not turning on – How to fix it post thumbnail image

The laptop may not turn on for numerous reasons, it may include faulty batteries, screen issues, charger issues, or simply motherboard or RAM issues.

you try to turn on the laptop and it doesn’t respond at all. as if it is gone and will never turn on. In such cases, you need not come to the conclusion that it is dead now. there are multiple troubleshooting steps you may do to find out the exact reason for the issue.

Check your power supply

It could be that the power cord is faulty or there is a fluctuation in the power supply. try to use another power cord or power supply and see if it fixes the issue.

To test it you can connect another device to the power socket and see if functions properly. if another device works with the same power socket then power socket is not the issue.

The next thing you may do is to remove the battery from the laptop and connect the laptop to the power supply. Check if it is powering on with only the power supply from the charger. if it works this way then there is an issue with the battery you will need to change the battery. for now, you can use your laptop using charging cable. It will not harm your laptop, the only downside will be that you will need to connect your laptop always with a power socket.

you may user your laptop like this till the time you change your laptop battery.

Pro Tip:- Make sure that all the cables are properly connected and power supply is turned on. It may seem that it is something obvious however most of the time issues related with laptops come because of this issue.

Diagnose Screen Issues:-

If you perform above steps and power supply is not broken in that case you can check display screen it may have some issue. To check screen issues please remove all the external display screens like projectors, external monitors etc. and make sure that they are not interfering with the startup process of the laptop.

If you can hear fan speed and there is no display on the screen, turn off the lights and see in a dark room if there is any faint display.

if there is a faint display image it may mean that image inverter has become faulty and you need to change your display to fix it.

Some times this issue also comes because of the display cable that connects laptop display to the motherboard. however you should consult a technician to check the display cable or you may refer to the documentation to figure out issues related with display cable depending on your laptop model.


Detach all the external memory drives like SD card etc.

In case there is any external memory dives like SD card, usb or external hard disks etc. is connected remove them from laptop as they may be interfering with laptop startup process and cause boot sequence to stuck

Try booting laptop in safe mode.

Every laptop has a boot interrupt button that lets you choose boot type. you can press boot interrupt button just after pressing power button and boot laptop in safe mode. This will let you boot laptop in safe mode. After that you may remove all the unwanted drivers, and software and reboot computer to get in the normal boot sequence.

When laptop doesn’t display it may be very exhausting experience so you need to be patient and if all else fails contact an authorized service center to fix it.







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